Terrain & Weather


Running the Bruce Trail (Saturday’s Races) is not for the faint of heart. The trail is rugged, slippery and requires runners to adapt to scrambling and slower pacing where safety dictates.



Trail Marathon

42km of scenic trail.  Difficulty Level: Very High

Half Marathon

21km of scenic trail.  Difficulty Level: Very High

Trail Marathon Relay Option

42km in total.  Difficulty Level: Very High.

Flowerpot Island 5K run (Sunday)

5km in total.  Difficulty Level: Moderate.



Trail Marathon, Half Marathon & Relay Marathon

The Bruce Trail is a fabulous hiking trail but it can be incredibly strenuous, runners should accept the fact that they may occasionally have to walk or even scramble due to trail conditions.

Trail conditions include:
  • Brief gravel packed trails and roads
  • Cobble stone beaches
  • Root and rock covered trails
  • Rocky steep cliffs
  • Rock crevices
  • High cliff edges
  • Uneven footing

cravassDSC_3704smshoreline trail

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Due to the narrow trails and steep drop-offs, slippery rocks, etc. no dogs, push buggies, supporters or bicycles are allowed. Take care with and be courteous to other trail users. These are public trails and other users can use the trails while the race is underway. If you see a hiker or a biker, let them know you are coming and try to avoid disrupting their trail experience.  Headphones/earbuds are not allowed during the race.  Mandatory gear is only a small whistle, but we recommend carrying a small list of first aid supplies and enough water carrying capacity to get you to the next checkpoint.

Flowerpot Island 5K Run

ROCKY BEACH for 250m:


Then trail for the remainder:





If there is audible thunder, all racers are expected to seek shelter immediately and the race will be stopped until 30min after the last thunderclap, no racers will be allowed to proceed through any checkpoint during this time and finishing times will be noted.

If there is wind or unstable weather resulting in a cancellation of the Sunday Flowerpot Island boat ride, a backup course has been setup on the mainland.  All efforts will be made in this scenario to make the change prior to the start of the Saturday Racer Check-in period for 5K racers (2pm and 5pm at the Tobermory Community Centre) and all racers will be informed as early as possible of any expected severe weather.


    1. If temp is >35 C water carrying capacity of at least 200 ml becomes mandatory for marathon runners as there are some section of trail where it is approx. 8 km between water stations and water access.  


  1. If temp is >35 C then shortcut options will be offered to those not on pace for official cutoff times, and finishing times will simply denote a modified course.