3. Covid-19 Update March 9, 2022: 

    As we all know, the Covid-19 pandemic is fluid and mitigation measures are constantly changing. At the time of the event, we’ll need to follow any Covid mitigation guidelines, or restrictions imposed by, local or provincial governments, health units, sport governing bodies, or our host venue. These may include:

    • Providing Proof of Vaccination
    • Wearing a mask indoors, and possibly outdoors when distancing of 2m is not possible
    • Completing a Covid Pre-Screening Test on the day of the event
    • Staggered Starts
    • Any other measures which may come into effect

    At this time (March 9, 2022), the only restriction being imposed by our host venue and governing body (Athletics Ontario) is the need to wear a mask while inside a facility. Providing proof of vaccination is no longer required to sign up for the event.

    Roughly 1 month before the event we’ll provide an update (on our website and by email to registered participants) on which Covid restrictions we expect will be in place.

  4. 2022 Forms will be available the week of the event. In 2021 the following forms were required  to be filled out and submitted online prior to arrival at the host site. Each participant will need to fill and sign the; waiver, health information form and Canatrace Covid Pre-Screen Test. The waiver and health form can be filled out at any time, however the Canatrace Covid Pre-Screen Test must be filled out the morning of your respective event.