Flowerpot Island 5K



Running the Bruce Trail is not for the faint of heart. The trail is rugged, slippery and requires runners to adapt to scrambling and slower pacing where safety dictates.

Course Length: Trail is 5 km
Difficulty Level: Moderate to High

NEW: Minimum Age Requirements for 2018

All racers must be age 13yrs or older.  If you would like to race underage you will need to contact us to be considered for an exception, certain restrictions may apply.


  1. Trail Conditions – The Bruce Trail is a fabulous hiking trail but it can be incredibly strenuous, runners should accept the fact that they may occasionally have to walk or even scramble due to trail conditions.
    Trail conditions include:
    Brief gravel packed trails
    Root and rock covered trails
    High cliff edges
    Uneven footing
  2. Race Kit pickup times were Fri TBD and Sat TBD at the Tobermory Community Centre (7420 Hwy 6 Tobermory ON)
  3. All racers must attend the Race briefing at TBD on Dock at Flowerpot Island.  The boat leaves at TBD and waits for no one.
  4. Start is the on a rocky beach close to the dock at Flowerpot Island where the boat will disembark.
  5. The Finish Line is the Flowerpot Island Lightstation.
  6. The race will begin at TBD and will begin in waves of 5-10 racers.
  7. There will be a tentative race cut off time of TBD so that racers can enjoy a breakfast, after which time if the racer is still on course they may be forfeiting the breakfast.  The return transportation to Tobermory is again by boat and will depart at TBD.  There is a 1km walk from the finish line to the departure point.
  8. Awards will take place back in Tobermory dockside at TBD.
  9. At all times runners must follow the directions of race officials.
  10. Due to the narrow trails and steep drop-offs, slippery rocks, etc. no dogs, push buggies, supporters or bicycles are allowed. Take care with and be courteous to other trail users. These are public trails and other users can use the trails while the race is underway. If you see a hiker or a biker, let them know you are coming and try to avoid disrupting their trail experience.
  11. Spectators can not attend this race as there is limited room on the boat.  Live tracking of race times will be available on our results page.
  12. Runners are expected to be courteous and respectful to volunteers, other racers and visitors.
  13. Exercise care and caution and common sense on trails. Especially when passing other runners on the trail. Let others know you are coming and that you intend to pass.
  14. Safety on this course requires racers look out for one another:
    If you leave the race for any reason, make sure you tell the nearest race volunteer.
    If you encounter a runner in distress, offer assistance and/or report the situation to the nearest aid station.
  15. Racers are expected to pack in and pack out or make use of the garbage receptacles provided. Any racers found littering will be disqualified from the race.
  16. Headphones/earbuds must not be worn while on the course! 


    Once registered, racers will receive 3-4 newsletters with relevant info.  Until then here are last year’s, purely for reference:


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