Frequently Asked Questions (Updated December 2019)

1. What’s new for 2020?

Race Kit Pick-Up has moved back to the Tobermory Community Centre (7420 ON-6, Tobermory, ON N0H 2R0) All Saturday runners must register on Friday night between 5 pm and 10 pm at the Community Centre. With the move back to the Community Centre we are again able to offer the Friday night Pasta Supper free for all registered participants. The Friday night Film Festival wasn’t very well attended, so we’ll look to add something fun back to the Friday night festivities, such as a guest speaker (more details to follow).

2. How many races are there?

The Tobermory Trail Race Weekend consists of two unique race experiences.  You can sign up for the Tobermory Trail Marathon, Half Marathon & Relay on Saturday September 19th, 2020 and/or the Flowerpot Island 5K on Sunday September 20th, 2020.  The rest of the Tobermory festival schedule is here.

3. How much does it cost?

Pricing is listed in the online registration pages, prices will go up as deadlines come and go. 2020 pricing was kept the same as in 2019. If you’ve already registered, you will have been emailed a receipt from system@zone4.ca

4. Where do the proceeds of the event go?

Proceeds support the Tobermory Primary Place daycare and outdoor sport on the Bruce Peninsula via PASA.

5. Are there any refunds?

Sorry but there are no refunds available for any reason.  Example scenario: If you switch from a solo to a friend’s relay team you’ll be responsible for selling your solo registration or forfeiting the amount you paid for the solo registration. 

If you do not know anyone who will race in your place if you can’t make it, you can certainly post it for sale in our Facebook event discussion forum, or elsewhere.  There are typically a lot of people in our Facebook forum(s) so chances are often good that you’ll find someone.  Once you’ve found someone to take your place, email us at quepasacanada@gmail.com. The deadline for any name changes or transfer requests will be September 13th, 2020.  After this deadline you will not be able to transfer, or allow anyone to race on your behalf.

Although we simply administer name changes and don’t get involved in the financial transactions between racers, WE KINDLY ASK THAT YOU NOT SELL YOUR RACE BIB FOR MORE MONEY THAN YOU’VE ORIGINALLY PAID.  Let’s all work together to keep this event registration simple, fun and flexible.

6. How can I watch the Flowerpot Island 5K Run?

Unfortunately, spectators are not permitted to travel on the ferry to Flowerpot Island. The awards presentation will be back in Tobermory at 9am at the Blue Heron Dock and all are welcome to cheer on the winners and podium presentations.

7. Where can I pick up the Race Kit?

All racers (Saturday events and Sunday race) can pick up their race kits on Friday from 5pm to 10pm at the Tobermory Community Centre (7420 ON-6, Tobermory, ON N0H 2R0). FPI5K Racers can also pick up their race-kit Saturday at the Merchandise Tent near the finish line of the Marathon events in downtown Tobermory next to the Northern Terminus Cairn of the Bruce Trail between 10am and 4pm.

8. How is the trail marked? What will I encounter on the way?

The course is marked with a mix of:

  • Bruce Trail White Blazes (saturday races)
  • Florescent orange pin flags anywhere Bruce Trail markers are scarce or a trail intersection has happened
  • Arrows will be used to clarify some turns

The scenery is beautiful but the trail is not without it challenges.  The marathon & half marathon trail races have a very high level of difficulty, occasionally with extremely technical segments.  See FPI5K & Trail Marathon pages for more information.

9. What facilities are there on the trail?

Aid stations – with water, electrolytes drink & first aid are available at ~10km to 12km intervals.  Port-a-potties will be available at intervals.

10. How many team members are allowed per relay team, what distance can they do?

Relay teams must complete the full Marathon distance. Teams can be made up of 2-4 people.  The relay checkpoints are preset and the distances will be announced shortly.  See the Trail Marathon page for more info on Relay Teams & “like” our Facebook page to get up-to-date information as it becomes available.

11. How can I familiarize myself with the trail marathon course?

The Bruce Trail is a public hiking path and individual can make use of it at anytime.