The Great Bruce Trail Scavenger Hunt

Looking for a fun, outdoor activity for the whole family this October? We’ve launched The Great Bruce Trail Scavenger Hunt to raise funds for Tobermory’s Primary Place Daycare.

Date: October 3rd to October 18th
Location: Anywhere along the beautiful Bruce Trail in Ontario, Canada
Swag: A custom lanyard with up to 20 buttons (to pin on the lanyard) will be mailed to all paid registrants post-event. The buttons will correlate with each hunt item collected/found.
Cost: $35 for the first team/family member, plus $20 for each additional member. (plus HST and online processing fees) All proceeds will be donated to the Tobermory Primary Place Daycare.

Register by clicking here!

How it works:
Step 1. Register at the link above
Step 2. In your registration confirmation email you’ll be provided with a “Game Code” and a “Password” to access the Scavenger Hunt on the Goose Chase App
Step 3. Download the Goose Chase app to your iOS or Android smartphone/device
Step 4. Enter the “Game Code” on the home screen of the Goose Chase app, or search for “The Great Bruce Trail Scavenger Hunt”.
Step 5. Create your team and provide other team members with the “access code” to join your team (if using more than one device per team).
Step 6. Wait for the Game to start. On October 3rd at 8am the list of 20 hunt items, called “missions” within the Goose Chase app will be released and you and your team can start hunting along the Bruce Trail.
Step 7. Once you’ve found a hunt item take a selfie of you and/or a team member with the item in the background and upload it within the Goose Chase app.
Step 8. Have fun and collect as many “missions” as you can between 8am on October 3rd and 7pm on October 18th.

Examples of hunt-items/missions (the following may or may not be used in the actual scavenger hunt!):

Trees are important to us!

They provide oxygen, store carbon dioxide, help to prevent soil erosion, and provide habitate for wildlife.

Bruce Trail Volunteers spend many hours planting trees and working with other community partners to ensure trees along the Bruce Trail and Niagara Escarpment stay healthy and protected.

There are amazing Heritage Trees growing along the Bruce Trail. A heritage tree is significant because of its size, age, species or for the story it tells. All nine Bruce Trail Clubs have heritage trees. Can you find some of these trees on the Bruce Trail near you? When you find one, give it a hug!

Can you find a birdnesting box along the trail? Bruce Trail Volunteers and Landowners often install, monitor and maintain birdnesting boxes in open meadows or sections on the trail. After migration, volunteers check the birdboxes along the Bruce Trail and make the final house cleaning. Check out a birdnesting box near you.

Geological Features: The Niagara Escarpment began to take shape over 450 million years ago as the bed of a tropical sea. During the millions of years that followed, the sediments were compressed into rock, mainly magnesium-rich limestone (dolostone) and shale. The progressive action of glaciers, water flows and the elements caused the more resilient dolostone to weather at different rates than the shale, resulting in the very dramatic land forms that we see today: sea stacks, karst formation caves, deep valleys, scenic waterfalls, rugged hills, and perhaps most remarkable, the spectacular cliffs along the Niagara Escarpment itself.


1. This is a fun, participatory event. There is no prizing, save the lanyard and button-set mailed to each participant post-event.
2. All participants must virtually sign a waiver when registering
3. Members of each team must remain together and be present for each selfie at each hunt-item/mission i.e. no splitting up to collect missions.
4. Participants must remain on, or along the Bruce Trail when locating items (stepping a few feet off the trail is okay, but tramping off-trail is not permitted)
5. Stay safe and have fun!

More Information:

The Great Bruce Trail Scavenger Hunt is being organized by the Peninsula Adventure Sports Association (PASA) in cooperation with the Peninsula Bruce Trail Club and the Bruce Trail Conservancy with all proceeds going to Tobermory’s Primary Place Daycare.

Stay safe and find your way with a Bruce Trail Map. Paper and PDF maps are available for sale from the Bruce Trail Conservancy:

There are bookstores and local retailers that sell the Bruce Trail Reference Guides, but they’re not always stocked. Check with your local Outdoor Outfitter or bookstore. Stock is limited, so check early.

Always check online for trail changes and map updates.

Please consider joining your local Bruce Trail Club, or making a donation to the Bruce Trail Conservancy. To find out more see the following link: