The Starters Lists are ready!

Unfortunately for some, that also means the deadline has now passed to transfer their registration to somebody else, a small service we’ve been providing up to this point, and continue to do each year.

From this point forward in 2018, bib swaps will not be allowed, but if you now find yourself unable to attend and unable to get anything in return for your race fee, feel free to COME AND TAKE IN THE WEEKEND AS A SPECTATOR and experience the finish line fun, grab your welcome package which includes the official tshirt and a gift from the The Sweet Shop and not forgetting the yummy dinner on the Friday evening.  Your can take some comfort in also knowing this event’s best kept secret… it’s a fundraiser for the Tobermory Primary Place Childcare Centre and your race fee means a lot… it basically helps the centre stay open during the winter months in Tobermory.

The confirmation list is here for Saturday Sept 22:

The confirmation list is here for Sunday Sept 23 2018’s Flowerpot Island 5K Run:

SOLOISTS: Sorry, but the deadline to swap out to a different name has come and gone. There are no exchanges or refunds or credits at this late stage. If you can’t attend the event please don’t advertise your bib for sale any longer.  We cannot change disciplines for any full marathoners looking to run the half marathon at this stage either, thanks for your understanding.  If you are concerned with your ability to complete the full trail marathon, please email us at

RELAY TEAMS: please look over your team makeup by clicking the link above, and let us know if anything needs changing. You are able to make changes until September 14th 2018 without any admin fees. is our email address.

Newsletter #2 is expected sometime this weekend and Newsletter #3 of 3 is expected shortly before you depart for the race.  These will have important information included so PLEASE add our addresses to your safe list or your list of contacts, depending on how your email client works, so that we don’t get filtered out of your inbox.  Our emails are and

Regardless if you’re racing Saturday or Sunday, a copy of the most important Racer Newsletter #1 is available here (on this website) under “NEED TO KNOW”.

Thanks all, and happy training!


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